Websites for trucking

Trucking information is vital to your livelihood if you are a trucking owner-operator or run a trucking fleet. With the Internet always a click away, regardless of where you are, we have compiled a list of 10 helpful websites for trucking owner-operators and trucking fleets.

Fleet Owner
Fleet Owner provides news for trucking middle and upper-level managers at commercial truck fleets with five or more vehicles. They cover business insights and analysis, breaking news, trends, best practices, and research. All focused on owners and managers who operate trucks and trailers.

Land Line Magazine
Land Line Magazine is the official publication of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. Their articles focus on information for professional truckers including owner-operators with one truck, and small-medium fleet owners with 2+ trucks.

Transport Topics
Transport Topics is available both online and in print and provides in-depth and timely information for everyone in freight.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the lead federal government agency responsible for regulating and providing safety oversight of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). On their website, truckers can register their business (US DOT number). Plus, you can update business registration, get authority to operate, get insurance filing requirements, and more. allows you to easily check traffic flows, jams, and more in cities around the world with live updated maps that show traffic and delay information.

Direct Freight Services
Direct Freight Services is a freight matching service with 300,000 unique loads posted daily.

TruckerSearch is a nationwide database to find truck driving jobs or find truck drivers. helps carriers, shippers and brokers by providing information on freight rates & data and negotiation tools as well as having a top trusted load board.

The Weather Channel
Nothing impacts your time on the road, quite like the weather does. The Weather Channels website will get you the forecast for where you are, where you are heading, and all points in between.

Tetra Capital
If you’re not getting paid quickly enough to cover your expenses or need a fuel advance, Tetra Capital can help. Tetra Capital’s website explains their financing services. Plus, it offers a quick quote form allowing you to easily get the process started, so you will be on the road to getting funds fast!

These are just 10 of the many helpful websites available for trucking owner-operators and trucking fleets that we have come across. We have no connection to any of them, well except our own, but thought you all might find them helpful as well.