For experienced truck drivers who decide to take the road less traveled and become an owner-operator, instead of working for someone else, the transition can sometimes be disastrous. We work with many owner-operators who have found the secret sauce to success through partnerships with a freight bill factoring company and a professional dispatch service. The partnerships have helped them to grow their businesses, make more money, spend more time at home and more. With that thought, I wanted to share with you a story of a Tetra client who took the chance and is now a successful owner-operator.


Jim has been a truck driver for almost 20 years. He has been hauling flatbed loads for a large company based in Colorado. He has been unhappy with the routes he has been driving, the amount of time he has to spend away from his family and important events he has had to miss.


He recently started talking with an old friend at a truck stop during a particularly rough route. The friend mentioned that he had recently decided to go out on his own and become an owner-operator. He told Jim that it was tough at first but he is now making more money than he did before, has more control over his routes and schedule and has been able to make it home for more important events than he had previously.

The Solution

After much thought and consideration Jim decided to take the chance and left the trucking company he had been with for most of his career to became an owner-operator. Jim found his two biggest challenges were the amount of time it took to get payment once he delivered a load and finding good paying loads to haul with minimal downtime.

Jim thought back to the conversation with his old friend who had mentioned he did not think he would have been as successful as an owner-operator without the help of a freight bill factoring company and professional dispatch service. He had said the factoring company was able to get him cash immediately after he delivered is loads to help pay for key expenses such as fuel and maintenance.

Additionally, the dispatch and load planning company kept him moving by finding him loads and managing his paperwork. The loads he was hauling with the help of the dispatch company where high paying loads with routes that made it so he can be home when he needed to be. Their back office support alleviated the administrative burdens of running a small trucking company and being an owner-operator by completing and submitting all of the paperwork for each load and tracking the loads and miles.

Jim then called Tetra and is now working with their freight bill factoring and load planning services and could not be happier. He is experiencing the benefits he was looking for when going out on his own as an owner-operator including making more money, planning when he wants to be home and improved routes.

If you would like to become an owner-operator and have more control over your money, time at home, travel location, equipment operated, type of work and more contact Tetra so our freight bill factoring and dispatch services can put you on the road to success.