What does it take to be the best factoring company for trucking? Our experience tells us there are several factors, with a key one being the team members. Tetra Capital can’t be beaten when it comes to being the best factoring company for trucking because of our team. We hear from carriers every day about the positive impact our team is having on their trucking businesses. 

There are several reasons why our team makes us the best factoring company for trucking. One main reason is their experience; 85 % of our team has over five years of experience with helping owner-operators and other small trucking companies get the financing they need. They are a diverse group coming from different backgrounds and different areas in the country and world with a third of them speaking more than one language. 

The quality of customer service and the speed in which our team members deliver that service consistently to our clients is another example of why they are the best. Our team reliably responds to requests quickly and efficiently, helping our clients in any way they can. One reason they can do this is they are committed to solving the problems of our clients. Because of their tenure and experience, they are empowered to make decisions to get their clients the right solution quickly. Additionally, they rapidly and accurately process loads and send funds to our clients within hours, ensuring they always have the funds they need when they need them. 

With 4.9 out of 5 stars from 55 reviews, our Google rating is proof positive that we are the best factoring company for trucking because of our team. Almost all of our reviews either specifically or generally include a testimonial about our exceptional team, here are just a few of the many reviews:

“We highly recommend Tetra Capital. We have been able to grow our business because of our relationship with Tetra. Ashley helps us stay organized with our billing. She is a great communicator and listens to our questions and concerns. Tetra Capital has an efficient system!”

“Great people to work with. They handle all transactions with professionalism and are very easy to work with. We have been doing business with them for years, and they are a great partner that we look forward to working with for many years to come!”

“If you’re looking for a Factoring Company, this is it. Tetra is the best one I have worked with. Fast, reliable, most of the time I have the money the same day (before 12 a.m.) for no extra cost; if not I get it the next morning. I have never had any issues. They offer you a page where you can check the broker’s credit, which is ESSENTIAL. Tetra assigns you with a personal assistant, in my case it was Adilene Zabala, she’s the best, ask for her. She’s on top of everything, always answers the phone, answers emails in a matter of minutes (literally); she is also bilingual and very sweet.”

“We have been working with Tetra for many years now, and they have helped us as we grow as a company. Leighanna has helped us with question and concerns that we may have. I know that I can email her and get a quick reply.”

“I have been working with Tetra Capital for almost two years. And I recommend them to everybody. These guys are doing their best, especially Valentina. Every time nice, polite, answers for any questions clearly.”

“Great factoring company. The staff is awesome. These ladies are wonderful to work with. Ashley Myrick is the one that I have been working with the most. She is so helpful. If you need help, they are there for you. I am very satisfied with Tetra capital.”

“Great company to do business with. Their customer service is amazing. We enjoy doing business with Tetra. Highly recommend to all. This is a great company that I have been doing business with for over two years. Thank you Adilene!!”

“I have been working with Tetra for the past four years, and they are my favorite company to work with. They are extremely helpful, and everyone I have spoken to is so kind. 10/10 would recommend.”

If you are interested in speaking with one of our exceptional team members that help make Tetra Capital the best factoring company for trucking give us a call today at (801) 676-0182. We all look forward to helping to get you the financing you need when you need it.