Quick and Easy Financing

It’s Easy to Turn Your Freight Bills into Immediate Cash

Your Colorado freight factoringtrucking company no longer has to wait 30, 60 or 90+ days for your customers to pay their freight bills. With Tetra Capital’s Financing Services we will turn your freight bills into immediate cash giving you to funds to pay for fuel, maintenance, payroll and more.

Tetra Capital has extensive experience providing factoring services to trucking companies of all types and sizes. We understand that not ALL businesses are created equal. Each business is unique and has different needs and objectives. One size does not fit all!

With Tetra Capital you get:
• Quick and simple financing
• Fuel advances and fuel cards
• Free access to Tetra’s load board
• Free services to save you time and money

Our freight factoring services were designed to help transportation companies nationwide and can save you money, are not complicated, offer complete transparency and make your life easier. Read more about the benefits of working with Tetra Capital.

Freight Factoring for:
Owner Operator Transportation Companies
Mini Fleets (2-3 trucks)
Small Fleets (4-20 trucks)
Mid-Sized Fleets (21-250 trucks)

Find out how your transportation company can benefit from Tetra Capitals freight factoring services. Call us at (801) 676-0182 or get a quote today!