Is Nevada a Good State For Trucking Companies?

Nevada is one of the top US states with favorable conditions for trucking companies.  There are several reasons for this, from favorable taxes and location to the financing options that are available to Nevada businesses and more. Plus, Nevada is in the top five states for highest truck driver salaries according to So if you are considering starting a trucking company or growing your trucking company in Nevada, now might be the right time!

Nevada strives to be a business-friendly state. One way in which they do this is by offering a favorable business tax environment and being one of four states in the US that does not have a personal or corporate income tax. This does not mean that your trucking business won’t pay any taxes in Nevada it just means it is essential to consult a tax expert before determining how you should structure your business to receive the most favorable tax situation. 

Location, location, location! Nevada is ideally located for the trucking industry since it is within less than a day’s drive to five major US ports and 60 million customers. Add to that, that according to an article by CNBC Nevada is in the top 10 in the US for best infrastructure with some of the best roads and bridges in the country.

Trucking companies often find it challenging to secure financing especially if they are new, have a limited credit history or an unfavorable credit score. For trucking companies in Nevada, the good news is Tetra Capital offers financing for trucking companies of all types and sizes in Nevada. We regularly partner with trucking companies that have been turned down by other traditional lenders because they are new, have a limited credit history or an unfavorable credit score because we look at the creditworthiness of your clients instead of your business. Below are a few examples of financing we have provided to Nevada trucking companies:

•    $25,000 to an Auto Hauler 

•    $25,000 to a Refrigerated Freight Hauler 

•    $80,000 to a Dry Van Company 

With financing from Tetra Capital, Nevada trucking companies get paid within hours of delivering their loads instead of having to wait to be paid. In addition to getting you paid quickly, we also offer many time and money saving services to our clients such as free credit checks on your new customers and fuel cards plus we can handle invoicing, processing, postage, collecting and more for you. 

If Nevada is where your business calls home consider yourself fortunate to be located in such a great state and if you are considering starting a trucking business in Nevada now might be the right time.

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