If I was to tell you, you could know exactly when you would be paid for the loads you haul what would you say? Maybe, that can’t be possible! Or, what planet are you on? Or, wouldn’t that be nice. The good news is it is possible to know exactly when you will be paid for the loads you haul and it is already a reality for many carriers because of their partnership with a freight factoring company. Lynne from a Michigan based Flatbed Company shares a little about her experience with Tetra Capital and how freight bill factoring has helped her achieve financial stability because she knows when they would be paid for the loads they haul.

About the Michigan Based Flatbed Company
Flatbead company hauling commodities
such as steel, mulch and auto parts
6 Trucks and
8 Employees

Q: What qualities do you look for and expect in a finance partner?
A: “In looking for a factoring company the things that were important to us were honesty, professionalism, consistency, accuracy and immediate correspondence on a daily basis with the same people in a close working relationship. Tetra Capital has fulfilled our expectations.”

Let’s Talk Results
“The biggest difference that partnering with Tetra Capital has made in our business is financial stability. We can plan our expenses/new business financial opportunities more effectively with knowing exactly when our funding is coming in, instead of waiting the 30-60 days guessing we we might get paid. “

Q: What affect has factoring had on your business?
A: “The option of being able to factor our invoices has allowed us to have a more precise business plan by knowing exactly when we will be paid.”

Q: Would you recommend factoring with Tetra Capital to other transportation companies?
A: “Yes, I would recommend Tetra Capital to other companies. I have been given a great level of service. I appreciate the close working relationship of how they know my business and our particular needs.”

Q: How would you rate the level of service you have received from Tetra Capital? 1 is below average 5 is average and 10 is exceptional
 “I would give them a 10! I never have to wait for help, someone is always there.”

Could you benefit from knowing exactly when you will be paid?

If your clients are taking 30 to 60+ days to pay and not knowing when you will be paid is creating financial instability, and uncertainty for your trucking business, freight bill factoring might be a financing solution you should consider.

With freight bill factoring, all you have to do is deliver the load, submit the paperwork to the freight bill factoring company and we will get you the funds within hours. Tetra Capital will handle all the invoicing, processing and collecting on all your receivables/loads which can be really helpful to new trucking owner-operators. We then wait to get paid by your customer. It is quick, easy and with no hidden or unexpected fees, you know what to expect from us every time.

Give us a call today at (801) 676-0182 to learn how trucking factoring from Tetra Capital can help you know exactly when you will be paid for the loads you haul.