Recent Invoice Factoring Financing for Trucking Companies in Nevada

Nevada repeatedly appears on the top of lists for good states for the trucking industry. There are several reasons why from highly ranked infrastructure to location and higher rates of pay and lower cost of living. With all that trucking is booming in Nevada and we are happy to help many trucking companies get the financing they need. Here are just a few of the recent invoice factoring financing transactions we have had the pleasure of providing to Nevada trucking companies.

$30,000 Trucking Invoice Factoring Financing to a Dry Van Company 
An owner-operator had secured a load of non-perishable food through a broker. Due to recent unplanned maintenance, the company needed immediate funds to cover fuel to haul the load. The financing gave them the funds they needed to cover fuel to haul this load and others as well as cover routine maintenance that was needed.

$50,000 Trucking Invoice Factoring Financing to a Flatbed Company
A trucking company secured a load with a new shipper to haul lumber from Washington State to Nevada. Because this was a new shipper he was working with, he wanted to ensure he would get paid for the load. By partnering with Tetra Capital for invoice factoring financing, he was able to get a free credit check on the shipper and get paid quickly.

$25,000 Trucking Invoice Factoring Financing to an Auto Hauler 
An Auto Hauler was struggling with the unpredictability of when they would receive payment. They decided to try invoice factoring financing from Tetra Capital because it would ensure they received payment within hours of delivering the load. Receiving their funds quickly has allowed them to be able to continue to stay in business. 

$50,000 Trucking Invoice Factoring Financing to a Flatbed Company 
A trucking company secured a load through a broker to haul auto parts from California to Nevada. Due to the past fluctuation in when they would receive payment, they were looking for financial stability. They found that with the knowledge that they would receive payment within hours by working with Tetra Capital for invoice factoring financing.

$20,000 Trucking Invoice Factoring Financing to a Flatbed Company 
A new carrier came to us because they were unable to get start-up financing from their local bank and had used all their available funds to secure their equipment. They were unsure how they were going to cover their fuel and other costs associated with hauling their first few loads. They had a load booked to haul construction equipment from Carson City, Nevada to Las Vegas, Nevada, so they reached out to Tetra Capital for financing. We were able to get them paid within hours of delivering the equipment and check the credit of their broker to ensure they would get paid.

$80,000 Trucking Invoice Factoring Financing to a Refrigerated Freight Hauler 
A small trucking company added a third truck to their fleet. This purchase left them with little available funds to cover other expenses. They turned to Tetra Capital to help them with financing to increase their immediate cash flow. We were able to provide invoice factoring financing for a load of produce they were hauling from Idaho to Nevada. By receiving the funds within hours of delivering the load, they were able to have funds available when they needed them.

$30,000 Trucking Invoice Factoring Financing to a Dry Van Company 
An owner-operator had recently received a big unexpected tax bill and license renewals. He needed funding that could help him cover the unexpected costs. Tetra Capital was able to provide financing based on a load he was looking to book for general freight from Utah to Nevada. The funds allowed him to cover the unexpected costs, and the free credit check helped him ensure he was booking a good load. 

$100,000 Trucking Invoice Factoring Financing to a Dry Van Company 
A small trucking company was looking for ways to save money and ensure prompt payment from their brokers and shippers. They decided to partner with Tetra Capital for a load they would be hauling of building materials. Their reasons for choosing Tetra Capital were the various ways they would be able to save money from fuel cards discounts, free credit checks on their new brokers and shippers, and assistance with invoicing, processing, postage, and collecting. These free additional services have helped them to grow their business. 

If you are a trucking owner-operator or small trucking company owner and find yourself in a similar situation to our clients who recently received funds, please give us a call at (801) 676-0182. We happily help companies in Nevada and throughout the US.

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