How Freight Factoring Works

Factoring your freight bills is quick and easy

Factoring your freight bills with Tetra Capital is quicker and easier than you might think and will give you the working capital you need for fuel, maintenance, payroll and more.

The 4 easy steps to freight factoring with Tetra Capital

How Trucking Factoring Works In 4 easy steps

How do I Factor My Freight Bills?

Once you deliver the load a factoring company, such as Tetra Capital, can make cash available to you from 90% to 98% of the face value of your unpaid freight bill within hours. The factoring company pays the balance, less a service fee, to you when your customer pays the invoice. While the factoring company waits to be paid, you have a large portion of your money to use as needed.

Benefits of working with a factoring company

Banks will consider whether your company is financially sound when deciding to approve a loan while factoring companies don’t look at the size of your business, your time in business or your creditworthiness. In fact, factoring companies look at the creditworthiness of your customers. There are also many benefits of working with Tetra Capital such as fuel cards, free credit checks on potential brokers and shippers and no long-term contracts.

Factoring your freight bills can increase your working capital and help you grow your business

The Problem

Salt Lake Transportation, a refrigerated carrier with a fleet of three trucks, is looking to grow their business. Their bank turned them down because they did not have enough credit history.

The Tetra Capital Solution

They turned to Tetra Capital to see if there was a way to get the working capital they needed to expand their fleet and take on new clients so they could grow their business. Through partnering with Tetra Capital they were able to:

  • Increase the size of their fleet to six trucks.
  • Take on new clients growing their business by 60%.
  • Save time and money by having Tetra Capital handle their invoicing, processing and collecting on all their receivables/loads.
  • Save money on fuel, which they have been able to reinvest in their business.

Find how factoring your freight bills with Tetra Capital is quick and easy. Call us at (801) 676-0182 or get a quote today!


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Success Stories

“Our company has been using Tetra Capital for our factoring services for just over a year now, and they are so great to work with. The staff there is always so friendly and helpful, and go above and beyond for their clients. We would definitely recommend Tetra to everyone in need of their services.”

Jadey Y.
Transportation Company – Utah

“We have been using Tetra Capital for factoring services for over 2 years and are very pleased with their services. I like the features that are included on their website because it makes my job a lot easier. I would recommend Tetra Capital to all people in the business of logistics.”

Albena B
Trucking Company - Utah

“There is no better factor anywhere, I refuse to work with anyone else.”

Shirley P.
Flat Bed and Dry Van Transportation Company - Georgia

“I have been with Tetra for about 4 years and I love the service, they have helped keep me running through many difficult situations.”

Mike V.
Freight Transportation Company - Idaho

“Tetra Capital’s processing time of invoices is outstanding!”

Marshall D.
Trucking Company - Texas

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