Fuel Program

Fueling your vehicles just got easier

EFS fuel cards from Tetra Capital will save you money on fuel for your trucking company. Tetra Capital offers solutions to help make fueling your vehicles easier with Fuel Cards and Fuel Advances.
Fuel Cards

Partnering with Tetra Capital can help you save money and time managing and controlling your fuel costs and repairs with our EFS fuel cards. Our fuel cards offer a wide range of fuel management services and discounts on all your trucking needs. Quick, Easy and Convenient When you have us load your funds onto a fuel card you will have the funds within hours with no monthly or account fees. Plus, when you use the card at one of 900+ truck stops you can save up to $0.10 per gallon with no minimum fueling requirements. Tetra Capital fuel cards provide valuable additional benefits including fuel management tools, purchase controls and updated price comparisons to help you control fuel expenditures and manage your cost per mile. EFS Benefits:

  • Universal access to fuel and repairs at all major truck stops throughout the U.S. and Canada.
  • Flexible fuel card program – captures valuable management information at the point of sale, specifies authorized products and limits for certain purchases and cash advances, and ensures POS fuel discounts at participating truck stops.
  • TransCheck control and management tools – quick, easy way to get emergency funds to drivers on the road.
  • Tools to better manage your fuel expenditures – administer your account online as well as analyze fuel-pricing trends nationwide and design a unique truck-stop network.
Fuel Advances

Tetra Capital’s Fuel Advance program can help you grow your business, giving you the opportunity to take on additional loads even when you don’t have the funds in advance to pay for fuel. With our fuel advance program we will advance funds for fuel even before you deliver the load, offering you the flexibility you need for your growing transportation company and never leaving you without the fuel you need. How does a fuel advance work?

  • You pick up the load and scan or fax the needed documentation to Tetra Capital. We don’t require the originals.
  • Tetra Capital will confirm the pick-up of the load and provide you with the funds.

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Find out how freight factoring from Tetra Capital can help make fueling your vehicles easier. Call us at (801) 676-0182 or get a quote today!