Could you use financing that saves you time and eases your workload? Is it because it can be tough to find enough time in the day to get everything for your trucking business done? Financing from Tetra Capital has been the solution for a Texas-based refrigerated and dry load hauler since it provides billing services including invoicing, processing and collections and all for no additional cost.

About the Texas Based Refrigerated and Dry Load Hauler
Refrigerated and Dry Freight
2 years
3 Trucks and
4 Employees

Q: What qualities do you look for and expect in a finance partner?
A: “I expect to partner with a finance company that is professional, effective and quickly responds to my needs for funding. Tetra meets all of my expectations.”

Let’s Talk Results
“Partnering with Tetra for freight bill factoring has helped to save us time by providing billing services including invoicing, processing and collections. They have also helped us get paid for the loads we haul more quickly and effectively.”

Q: What is the biggest difference that partnering with Tetra has made on your business?
A: “It has helped us to be more organized, eased our workload by handing our invoicing, processing and collections and has gotten us access to our money much quicker than before we worked with them.”

Q: Would you recommend factoring with Tetra Capital to other transportation companies?
A: “Yes, of course, I would recommend Tetra Capital to other companies.”

Q: How would you rate the level of service you have received from Tetra Capital? 1 is below average 5 is average and, 10 is exceptional
 “I would rate them a 10. Tetra Capital, in my opinion, is an exceptional company with an excellent staff who are always willing to help and are very friendly and professional.”

Could you benefit from having more time do other things?

If your juggling too many tasks for your trucking business, freight bill factoring could help you like it helped the Texas-based refrigerated and dry load hauler and many of our other clients by handling all the billing and other back-office tasks for you at no additional cost.

With freight bill factoring, all you have to do is deliver the load, submit the paperwork to the freight bill factoring company and we will get you the funds within hours. Tetra Capital will handle all the invoicing, processing and collecting on all your receivables/loads which can be really helpful to trucking owner-operators and small fleet owners. We then wait to get paid by your customer. It is quick, easy and with no hidden or unexpected fees, you know what to expect from us every time.

Give us a call today at (801) 676-0182 to learn how trucking factoring from Tetra Capital can help save you time and ease your workload.