As a professional in the trucking industry you are surrounded by semi trucks all the time. So, because of that you might think you know everything there is to know about them. Here are 6 facts about semi trucks that we thought were notable.

facts about semi trucks

1 – Truck Engines: Truck engines are 6x larger than a car engine and can run for 1 million+ miles compared to a car engine that runs for 150k-200k miles.

2- Truck Oil: Semi trucks hold 15+ gallons of oil, compared to cars that hold 4-6 quarts.

3 – Fuel: Semi trucks use an average of 21,214 gallons of fuel per year.

4 – Weight: The average truck weighs nearly 20,000 pounds.

5 – Tires: Between the U.S. and Mexico trucks use 25 million new tires every year.

6 – They Deliver: Semi truck deliver about 70% if all goods in the U.S.

And if we were going to add a 7th it would be that freight bill factoring helps keep semi trucks moving by eliminating the wait for payment from freight bills. The immediate access to funds helps owner-operators and owners of small fleets get the funds they need for fuel, maintenance and more.