We recently had a chance to speak with Robert, from a trucking company in Idaho who runs flatbed loads, who is utilizing Tetra Capital’s freight bill factoring services.  Since many trucking companies might be unfamiliar with the benefits of freight bill factoring he wanted to share their experience.

Q: Please tell us about your business. 
A: We are based in Idaho and run flatbed loads. We have been in business for 2 years.

Q: Prior to partnering with Tetra Capital, as your factoring company, how long was it taking you to collect on invoices?
A: It took us more that 30 days to receive payment from our customers. We couldn’t keep on the way we were going.

Q: What affect has factoring had on your business?
A: Tetra Capital has been a lifesaver for us and our business. They allow us access to most of the money within a few hours of delivering the loads.

Q: How do your customers feel about you using freight bill factoring and working with Tetra Capital?
A: Our customers like dealing with Tetra Capital.

Q: Would you recommend factoring with Tetra Capital to other trucking companies?
A: Yes, we would recommend Tetra to anyone who could benefit from getting paid for their loads more quickly. We have even requested business cards to pass out to people we come in contact with who are interested in factoring their loads.