Dispatch Services

Need help finding loads?

Tetra Load Planning and Dispatch keeps you on the road with top paying rates.Tetra Load Planning and Dispatch is an independent company specializing in finding freight for small carriers with 10 trucks or less.

Our goal is to keep you moving with the best and highest paying freight loads possible. Our team of truck dispatchers and load planners will negotiate on your behalf for the best rates. You then have the ultimate say in what loads you haul, where you go and when you go.

Benefits of working with Tetra Load Planning and Dispatch:

  • We help you find loads – With Tetra’s Dispatch Services you get a dedicated team finding you loads at top rates!
  • You take control of the loads you haul – With Tetra’s Dispatch Services you choose which loads to haul, where you go and when you go.
  • We will plan your loads from one load to all of them – Our truck dispatch service will keep you moving.
  • We offer a pay as you go truck dispatch service – With Tetra there are no contracts you only use our services when you need to and only pay when you haul a load.

Tetra Load Planning and Dispatch provides truck dispatch services for flatbed loads, refer loads, dry van loads, auto haulers and others throughout the United States. Let Tetra find you loads and keep your trucks moving!

Let us plan ahead for you!

With Tetra Load Planning and Dispatch gone are the days of wondering what your next load will be, where you will find it and when you will make it home. Tetra Load Planning and Dispatch will efficiently plan your loads for a day, a week, a month or whatever duration works for you. Making it so you can be home when you need to be and alleviating the administrative burdens of running a small trucking company.

Find out how Tetra can be your one stop for finding loads, managing paperwork and getting paid! Call us at (801) 545-7339 or visit www.tetradispatch.com for more information.