Factoring loads with Andrea Burnham

Andrea helps trucking companies who are factoring loads ensure they get paid as Tetra’s manager of underwriting and payment applications. In particular, she handles everything having to do with client payments, underwriting new applications, and UCC searches or business entity statuses. 

We recently sat down with Andrea to learn more about how she helps companies factor loads.

What did you do before working at Tetra Capital?

A: “Before Tetra, I worked at Caption Call, a service for those who are deaf. The service dictates phone calls into a machine that types out what people say at a rapid pace.”

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

A: “I love working for Tetra Capital. In 7 years, I have had tremendous career growth opportunities. Additionally, I have seen how management treats employees and does their best to make the environment fun yet professional.” 

What is something most people don’t know about you?

A: “Most people do not know that my daughter and I throw knives at targets as a hobby. I also volunteer any chance I get at a variety of places. Additionally, I am CERT certified, on the American Red Cross team, and love to talk about emergency preparedness.”

What are you known for?

A: “Professionally, I am known for being detail-minded, extremely organized, and reliable in every aspect. On a personal level, I am known for my artistic abilities. Whether that be in drawing, painting, writing, or any other type of craft.”

What is the one thing you wish every owner-operator and small trucking company owner knew?

A: “It is hard to pick one. I think it is vital for every owner-operator and small trucking company owner to know how UCC’s work. Secondly, it’s important to know when factoring loads; it is a partnership with the factoring company. In fact, having a great partner in business is hard to come by. However, once established, it makes all the difference.”

What is the biggest challenge you see facing trucking owner-operators and small trucking companies?

A: “I think one of the biggest challenges is that companies sometimes put all their eggs into one basket by working with only one broker.” 

If you could benefit from Andrea and the team at Tetra Capital helping ensure you get paid quickly by factoring loads, please call us at (801) 676-0182 today.