8 Ways Trucking Companies Can Save on Fuel
Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses, if not the biggest expense for trucking companies, and everyone can use ways to save on fuel. While you can’t control the price of fuel, you can do a few things to save on your fuel expenses.

Go the speed limit

It may be enticing to go over the speed limit to get the load delivered more quickly, but the extra mphs can add up. According to the ATA, a truck can use 27% less fuel going 65 mph compared to 75 mph.

Use fuel cards 

Enrolling in a fuel card program, can help you save money every time you go to the pump. An added bonus is fuel cards can also help you track your usage. Tetra Capital offers one to carriers who use our trucking factoring services. We will even load funds directly onto them for you!

Avoid traffic 

By utilizing technology, such as the Beat the Traffic app, you can be alerted to various traffic problems. This will help you avoid the need to slow down and idle. Both increase your fuel consumption and cause additional wear on the truck.

Educate your drivers 

According to the ATA’s Technology and Maintenance Council, you can get as much as 35% better mpg when a skilled driver is behind the wheel compared to less-skilled drivers.

Reduce weight 

Opt for trailers, wheels, brakes, cabs, and other components that are made of lighter materials such as aluminum and metal alloys. Generally, a 10% drop in truck weight can reduce fuel use by 5%-10%.

Tools to track fuel prices 

Utilize an app such as Fuelbook and GasBuddy. These helpful apps can help you decide where to stop by allowing you to search for current diesel prices.

Check your tire pressure 

A 10psi reduction in tire pressure can lower fuel economy from 0.5% – 1%. So make sure to keep an eye on your tire pressure.

Reduce the trailer gap 

If possible, changing the trailer gap from 45 to 25 in. could help you improve fuel economy by as much as 2%.