Se necesita un montón de trabajo duro y el mejor equipo para una compañía de la factorización de facturas de transporte por carretera para llegar 54 5-grados de la estrella en Google. Uno de nuestros miembros del equipo de 5 estrellas está Adilene Zavala. We recently sat down with Adilene to learn a little more about her 5-star service and what she does for Tetra Capital, una empresa de factorización de facturas de camiones.

Q: ¿Qué eres responsable de al Tetra capital?
La: “My responsibilities at Tetra are to process the loads clients send in, and when I receive what I need, I approve their loads and send them their money quickly.”

Q: ¿Qué más le gusta de su trabajo y el trabajo con los propietarios-operadores y las compañías de camiones pequeños?
La: “I love my job! We have an amazing work environment that makes going to work enjoyable. I like helping people, especially the ones who don’t speak English. It is often hard for them to communicate with companies when it comes to their business, and I pride myself on making it easier for them. I am always willing to help them with whatever I can.”

Q: ¿Cuál es la única cosa que desea todos los propietarios de propietario-operador y la compañía de camiones pequeños sabía?
La: “How important their customerscredit is to their business. Some trucking companies choose loads mainly for the rate amount and worry less about the shipper or brokers credit. Credit is essential because it gives trucking companies a way to see what their chances are of receiving payment for the loads they haul before they haul them. One of the benefits of working with Tetra is you receive free credit checks on your brokers and shippers.”

Q: ¿Hay un cliente / situación que se destaca como la más memorable? Why?
La: “It is hard to choose just one. I have clients that started with one truck and now they own 3-6 camiones. It is a wonderful feeling to know that we have helped them with their cash flow, allowing them to grow their business. I also have a client that doesn’t utilize technology to keep their paperwork in order, so I print every single invoice and get it to them. They are always thankful that we take extra steps to help them, and it gives me an amazing feeling because I know I’m doing something good for my clients.”

It is one thing for us to know that Adilene helps makes Tetra a 5-star trucking invoice factoring company and another to hear from the trucking companies she deals with every day. Here are a few of the kind words our clients have had to say about Adilene in their 5-star reviews:

“He estado a través de la factorización Tetra capital durante unos años ahora. They are always helpful and courteous. Ellos hacen un gran trabajo para ayudar a mi empresa crecer y prosperar. He estado trabajando estrechamente con Adilene Zavala, y Matt Moore, and together, we have built a professional relationship that helps my business grow. I would highly recommend Tetra Capital to everyone in the transportation profession. Sigan con el buen trabajo!!!!”

“Best Factoring Company Ever. Adilene helps us stay organized with our billings. She is an excellent communicator. We Recommend Tetra Capital 100%.”

“I have been working with Tetra Capital for several years. I feel satisfied with the staff, especially with Adilene Zavala.”

“Friendly, patient staff thumbs up Adilenekeep up the good work.”

“Good fast working factoring company! Adilene is the best!!”

“In my opinion, they are very good at what they do, and I have been speaking Spanish and English with them for two years. In my opinion, Miss Adilene and all the other people at Tetra take good care of their clients and provide very good service.”

“La mejor empresa de factoring que he usado! Adilene mantiene todo tan sencillo. I send in an invoice, and within minutes, I get an approval email for payment. Whenever I have a question, she responds promptly. These guys are great. I recommend them to everyone!”

“We have been working with Tetra for over two years now. They are the best; they make everything so much easier and convenient for us. Adilene is the best, as soon as I send her my invoices it only takes a few minutes and I get a response from her. I will totally recommend them. Once you’re with Tetra, you won’t want to leave them!!!”

“Great Factoring Company. They are always on time depositing funds into my account. I always talk to Adilene and always get a quick response via emails or phone. I very highly recommend this company. Thank you for the great service.”

If your trucking company could benefit from invoice factoring and Adilene’s 5-star service give us a call at (801) 676-0182 hoy! We can get your freight bills paid quickly and easily providing you with the working capital you need.